2018 Seed Relabeling Report: Same Seeds. Different Prices

We're proud to have released the ag industry's first-of-its-kind report on seed relabeling last year, and now that report has been updated with new 2018 data.


  1. During the past year, the seed industry—and several of the most popular seed brands sold to farmers—have seen significant change through mergers, acquisitions and consolidation of the companies that own these brands.

  2. Since our last report was released, FBN network farmers have contributed an additional 8,500 seed tags and 13,000 additional seed invoice records.

  3. To date, FBN network members have contributed 16,000 seed tags overall, predominantly from corn and soybeans, covering more than 4,200 unique seed products sold by 155 different seed companies, and 23,000 unique seed invoice records.

  4. By continuing to examine aggregated seed tag and invoicing data contributed by FBNnetwork members, farmers can better determine the true identity and cost of the hybrids and varieties they’ve planted, more so than the data they have been provided solely by seed companies, or based only on genetics they have planted in the past.

  5. We’re using data to shed light on outdated and biased industry practices that hurt farmers—that’s putting Farmers First.

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Five Highlights from the NEW 2018 Seed Relabeling Report:

  • The worst price difference within a state between identical relabeled corn seeds was $97/bag (a 35% difference)

  • One corn hybrid is sold by at least 15 brands

  • 90 seed companies relabel seed

  • 95 percent of FBN network members have planted seeds from at least one of the 90 seed companies that relabel

  • American corn farmers spend about $1.9B on relabeled seed annually

FBN network members can download the full report from their account: Visit “My Data” and click on “My Reports.”

Download the report to see price differences between identical relabeled seed brands.

Seed Relabeling 2018


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