Spraying Applications Guide for the DIY Farmer

Everything you need to know to make your farm’s chem applications successful—whatever you spray, whenever you spray it. 

The ins and outs of getting the spraying done, from owning and operating your sprayer equipment to selecting and purchasing chem and making the most out of well-timed applications. 

Did your father or grandfather teach you how to use a sprayer and make chemical applications on your farming operation? Did you learn how to fill and mix the tank from watching a pro up close? Maybe you studied agronomy or crop science to learn the ins and outs of active ingredients and how they interact in the tank and on plants.

If so, you might be among the lucky few. In years past, many growers left the job of spraying chemical applications to custom applicators. Not so today. Many farmers prefer to own their own spraying equipment, thanks to cost savings and the flexibility of making more timely applications when crops need them. These are just a few reasons that owning and operating a sprayer allows farmers to gain more control and independence over the management practices on their farm.

Before the sprayer even hits the field, there are a few steps you can take ensure that you make the most of each pass.