Hedging Handbook for the Data-Driven Farmer: How to Build a Strategy for Overall Farm Profitability

As a farmer, you invest a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources in your crops. But at the end of the day, you have to do more than just grow crops. You have to make a profit.

And one of the challenges you face when trying to achieve this goal is that commodity markets can be quite volatile. Take a look at corn futures and soybean futures throughout the 2019/20 marketing year to see just how dramatically grain prices can change:

corn-futures-2019-20 soy-futures-2019-20

The price of corn and the price of soybeans fluctuated significantly over the course of the year in response to factors such as USDA forecasts, trade war policies and a global pandemic, just to name a few. 

This is the backdrop against which you must balance the upside potential and downside risk of any and all pricing decisions you make, asking yourself the following questions:

  1. When should you sell?
  2. How much should you sell?
  3. Which contracts should you use?

Unfortunately, we find that many farmers end up making these important crop marketing decisions based on emotion and/or guesswork, attempting to align their sales with market highs. 

A data-driven approach to crop marketing

At Farmers Business Network℠, we believe there is a better way to market your crops—one that can empower you to address those three questions in a disciplined way, evaluating the trade-offs that come with the marketing decisions you make. 

We’ve put together our Hedging Handbook for the Data-Driven Farmer to help you understand some of the basics of our strategic approach. 

This guide will show you how you can take a comprehensive look at your hedging activities—risk management strategies such as futures and options, crop insurance and cash contracts—and utilize data to develop a market view that can inform your pricing decisions. 

We’ll also give you a quick tour of HedgeCommand, the crop marketing system we’ve designed to deliver personalized, data-driven recommendations straight to your mobile phone.

Build a strategy focused on overall profitability

Want to learn more? Download a free copy of our guide and learn how you can leverage data to focus your crop marketing strategy on overall farm profitability.


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