2019 Canola Seed Price Transparency Report: Are You Paying a Fair Price?

For far too long, seed companies have sold products on an individualized basis, using tactics such as zone pricing, rebates and complex discount programs when selling inputs. Add to that mix the range in pricing for herbicide tolerance and disease resistance traits and seed treatments and it’s no wonder farmers find it difficult to know if they’re paying a fair price. 

But here’s the truth we've observed: Canadian farmers are paying radically different prices for the exact same canola seed. 

At Farmers Business Network, we believe you deserve the opportunity to make informed decisions that can increase your farm’s profit potential—and price transparency is a vital component in that equation. 

That’s why we’ve created a platform that puts Farmers First®, providing a space where you can anonymously contribute seed invoices and help us deliver insights on input pricing trends to farmers across Canada.

We analyzed more than 500 seed invoices uploaded by members of the FBN network to produce our first-ever Canola Seed Price Transparency Report.


Find out if you're paying a fair price when you buy seed.

Download the Canola Seed Price Transparency Report


Get your free copy of our report to learn more about canola seed pricing trends, including:

  • How the price of canola seed fluctuates by brand and from region to region
  • Which traits and treatments are going to cost you the most—and how those prices vary
  • How to determine if you’re paying more or less than your neighbour when you buy seed

You’ll also see in this report how much price disparity exists within the seven most common canola seed varieties in our dataset, even when controlling for traits and treatments. In each case, we observed some farmers paying an excess of $100 or more than other farmers for the exact same variety!

canola-price-distrubtion-graphMake sure you're paying a fair price for canola seed

Seed is one of the largest recurring expenses you’ll have on your operation. If you’re planting canola seed in your fields, don’t you want to make sure you’re getting a fair deal when making such a large investment? Download our Canola Seed Price Transparency Report and find out how reliable data on seed price and performance can help you make better decisions for your operation.

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