Ag Chemical Buying Guide–Canadian Edition: How to Find the Right Product for the Right Price

Buying ag chemicals—herbicides, insecticides and fungicides in particular—can be a big investment for your operation. Your ability to protect crops in your fields is vital to your success, since how well you manage pest pressure throughout the season can factor greatly into your overall yield. 

If you want to protect that yield and maximize your profit potential, you have to find the right products for the right price. We’ve designed a new resource with that in mind, helping farmers like you make informed, cost-effective decisions for your operation.


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The Canadian edition of our Ag Chemical Buying Guide will lead you through three key steps to developing a cost-efficient strategy for getting the most out of every acre.

1. Find ways to save BIG on ag chemicals

By learning how to evaluate the vast array of ag chemical options available—and, let’s be honest, there's no shortage of products on the market—you’ll be able to make choices that can boost your ROI. Our free guide will show you how to compare products with the same active ingredient and to find out quick steps to saving money on ag chemicals. 


You’ll also get a quick overview of FBN Direct℠ and learn how fair, competitive pricing and data-driven insights on hundreds of products are putting more power back into the hands of farmers like you.

2. Make product labels your friend

Learn how to use label information to position yourself to achieve your desired results with new and different chemistries. Our guide will walk you through some of the basics to understanding active ingredients, signal words, directions for use, and a variety of other topics that are essential for making those chemical labels work for you.

3. Decide if tank mixes are right for you

Tank mix or premix? It's a question you might have wrestled with in the past. Our guide will cover the differences and help you evaluate which method and product formulations are right for your operation.

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Managing pest pressure in your fields is a fact of life when you're farming; breaking the bank to do so doesn’t have to be part of your management strategy. Grab a free copy of our Ag Chemical Buying Guide to learn how you can make informed, cost-effective decisions when shopping for crop protection for your operation.

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