Ag Chemical Buying Guide: Get More for Your Money When You Buy Inputs

Inputs are a huge investment on your operation. You spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on ag chemical products each year in an effort to fight insects, weeds and diseases. But chances are you’re overpaying for inputs and cutting significantly into your bottom line at the end of the day.

There’s a better way to buy inputs

Our free Ag Chemical Buying Guide can show you how to do it. With this resource in your hands, you can equip yourself to save on inputs, protect your crops and support your bottom line.


Start getting more for your money when you buy inputs!

Download the Ag Chemical Buying Guide


Once you’ve downloaded our guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the differences between branded and generic ag chemicals
  • Find significant savings buying inputs online
  • Decode labels to choose products and use them wisely
  • See if tank mix chemicals are a good fit for your operation 

We’re committed to putting Farmers First® at Farmers Business Network℠, and we've developed this guide to place more power back into your hands.

It will walk you through the benefits of choosing generic ag chemicals—a potentially huge source of savings for your operation—and demonstrate how you can boost your profit potential shopping for these products online. 


We’ll also give you a quick overview of FBN Direct℠ and show you how online tools like FBN Savings Finder and FBN Price Transparency can help you save big on inputs.

Plus you’ll learn how to utilize label information and tank mixes to position yourself to achieve similar results using new chemistries. 

Download our free guide today

Managing pest pressure in your fields is a fact of life when you’re farming. But you can invest in a management strategy to help your operation win at the end of the season. 

Grab a copy of our Ag Chemical Buying Guide to start making more informed, cost-effective decisions when choosing applications for your farm and fields.

Ag Chem Buying Guide 2019/2020

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