The Future of the Family Farm: 5 Tools Canadian Farmers Use to Tackle Challenges in Ag

The business side of farming is no easy task. From the rising cost of seed and chemicals to managing risk and executing marketing decisions, Canadian farmers can find it difficult just to break even, let alone make a profit.

Just looking back at production costs and revenue trends from the past two decades paints a concerning picture:


According to Statistics Canada1, total revenue has grown over the past two decades—but so have total operating expenses. So while net income improved slightly for Canadian farmers since 1993, it has remained relatively stagnant in recent years.


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Protecting the future of your family farm

At Farmers Business Network℠, we have analyzed millions of acres of real-world data to develop tools that can help farmers maximize their operation’s profit potential. Our most recent special report, The Future of the Family Farm, takes a closer look at how to:

  • Use price transparency to unlock savings on inputs
  • Identify the best seed for your fields with real-world yield data and personalized planting recommendations
  • Buy seed and chemical right from your mobile phone through, convenient 24/7 online shopping through FBN Direct®
  • Make data-informed grain marketing decisions

You’ll also get to meet farmers who are utilizing our game-changing platform to maximize their profit potential. 

Maximize your profit potential

By leveraging the collective power of more than 14,000 farmers in three different countries around the world, we are taking the steps to change the narrative for farmers and their operations. Download our report, The Future of the Family Farm, to discover ways we can help you maximize your farm’s profit potential.

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1. Statistics Canada

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