The Future of the Family Farm: 10 Tools for Combating Ag’s Biggest Challenges

As a farmer you face any number of challenges—from the rising cost of seed and chemical inputs and making confident marketing decisions to managing risk and farmland affordability—that make it extremely difficult just to break even, let alone make a profit.

Take a look at production costs and revenue trends for corn over the past two decades and you’ll begin to understand this dilemma:


Even though farmers today are more productive than ever before in terms of overall yield1, farm profitability remains elusive for far too many of you. 

Take control of your farm’s financial future

At Farmers Business Network℠, we have analyzed millions of acres of real-world, member-contributed data to develop tools to help Family Farmers maximize their farm’s profit potential. Our special report, The Future of the Family Farm, takes a closer look at how to use these tools to: 

  • Reduce the cost of production;
  • Maximize the value of crops; and 
  • Make confident decisions

See real-life examples of farmers who are leveraging the power of a network to maximize their profit potential—and find out how you can do the same. 


Ready to take control of your farm’s financial future?
Download The Future of the Family Farm


In this free report, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use price transparency to unlock potential savings on seed and chemicals
  • Buy inputs and save from the convenience of your mobile phone
  • Make return on investment your primary goal when selecting seeds
  • Execute data-driven decisions when marketing your grain
  • Select insurance coverage tailored to your operation
  • Save money by refinancing your land loan

Find the tools you need to maximize your profit potential

We are working together with farmers around the world to reshape the future of farming. Download our free report, The Future of the Family Farm, to learn more about ways we’re responding to challenges in today’s ag economy to put Farmers First®.

FBN Network Trends Report
1. “Corn: Yield by Year, US”, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

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