2020 Farming Trends Report: Member-Contributed Data Paints Big Picture

The 2019 crop year was one for the books. Farmers across the corn belt endured historic weather events in throughout the growing season, the impact of trade wars on both supply and demand and a multitude of other challenges. 

This might leave you in the same predicament as so many other farmers heading into the next growing season, scratching your head as you try to decide what your next steps should be.

Which trends were unique to 2019, and which ones represent something larger that was set into motion years ago?

We published our 2020 Farming Trends Report with that in mind, to take stock of the latest trends in farming using more than 135 million acre-events of agronomic data and more than 130,000 seed and chemical invoice price records.


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Here’s what we learned from FBN members this year

This year’s report lets us take a closer look at what’s currently happening in agriculture through the lens of the data farmers have contributed over the past six years. Our analysis focuses on three key aspects of farming:

Agronomic Practices 

If you’re like most farmers, you’re always finding ways to adjust on-farm practices to try to maximize your return on investment. In this year’s report, we focus specifically on tillage practices, seeding rate and row spacing.


Seed Selection

Choosing the right seeds for your operation—factoring in both price and performance—is key to your success as a farmer. Our report provides insight into which seed brands farmers are planting, preferences for trait packages and more.


Farm Economics

If you want to see the highest potential return on investment, it’s critical for you to understand the relationship between both revenue and cost. Our latest report provides a closer look at trends in commodity prices and input expenses. 


The collective power of data makes farming better for farmers

At Farmers Business Network, we believe in putting Farmers First®. When a network of like-minded farmers contribute data—from practices to input prices to seed performance—we’re able to deliver meaningful, real-world insights that can help guide decision-making on your operation. 

And that puts power back into your hands.

There’s no crystal ball for predicting what will happen this year or next. But by keeping a close eye on trends within the data members contribute, we can help you make informed decisions for your operation. 

Download your free copy of our 2020 Farming Trends Report and start leveraging the insights of a network more than 10,500 farmers strong.

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