2019 FBN Network Trends Report

How Does Your Farm Compare to National Trends? 

Which Chem Pricing, Seed Performance and Farm Profitability Trends Could Be Impacting Your Farm?

We democratize farm information to put the power back into farmers’ hands. That's why we created the 2019 FBN Network Trends Report -- to share the latest trends in farming, from seed performance and chemical prices to farm profitability, so you can see how the power of aggregated, anonymized data from millions of real-world planted acres can help your farm win.

What's Happening With Seed Prices?

With thousands of varieties available from hundreds of seed companies (all with different prices, yield potential and traits), how do you know if you’re getting the right seed... with the right yield potential... for the right price?

New Patterns in Farm Economics?

We also dug into FBN network-contributed data to quantify trends and patterns with commodity prices and their impact on farm economics.

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