2019 Canadian Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report: See If You’re Getting a Fair Deal

If you’re like most farmers in Canada, you’ve traditionally enjoyed very little transparency into ag chemical pricing. The difference between what you and your neighbour are paying for the same crop protection product may be quite significant in some cases.

And since herbicides and fungicides can account for anywhere from 5-23 percent of a farmer’s variable cost of production, it doesn’t take long for those price differences to add up—impacting your bottom line.1

With transparency at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions for your operation

When prices are transparent, you’re empowered to have more control over their chemical purchasing process and make sure you’re getting a fair deal. 

That’s why we’re proud to release the third edition of our Canadian Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report, complete with pricing data from the 2019 crop year.


Gain a clearer picture of pricing trends across Canada.

Download the 2019 Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report.


We analyzed more than 2,300 unique pricing data points from 2019 contributed across 3 provinces, covering more than 270 insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and adjuvants.

And here’s what we found: Canadian farmers are still paying drastically different prices for the same exact product. 

We observed five products with greater than a 100 percent difference between lowest and highest price paid or quoted in our dataset. Even reported prices for some of the most commonly purchased chemicals in our dataset—AIM® EC and Roundup Transorb® HC, for example—varied by more than 50 percent.

Those varying price points can’t be explained away by geography, either. 

Sometimes two farmers in close proximity to one another paid radically different prices for the same product: Raxil® PRO Fungicide, for example, reportedly sold for $33.42 in one Saskatchewan town and $40.92—a 22 percent markup—just 30 kilometers down the road.

CDA-raxil-pro-regional-variationWe believe you deserve to know whether or not you’re getting a fair deal when buying ag chemicals, and price transparency can help pave the way.

Some additional highlights from our 2019 report:

Our 2019 report will provide you with a high-level analysis of ag chemical pricing trends in Canada. Grab your free copy to learn more about:

  • What price differences exist for common ag chemicals?
  • How do prices vary regionally?
  • How do prices vary for co-packs?
  • What kind of savings are possible when switching to generic products?
  • How have prices changed year-over-year?

We’re working together with farmers across Canada to confront the lack of transparency you’ve traditionally faced when buying inputs. Download our report to find out how price transparency can help you protect your crops—and your bottom line.

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