2019 U.S. Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report: Are You Paying Too Much?

When you’re buying inputs, transparency matters. Whether looking at product performance or trying to understand pricing, you deserve the clearest picture possible in order to make the best decisions for your operation. 

U.S. farmers have historically lacked that much-needed transparency, however, when it comes to ag chemical prices. That means you could be paying a radically different price from your neighbor for the exact same product.

And since pesticides can often account for as much as 15 percent of a farmer’s variable cost of production, it doesn’t take long for those price differences to add up and make a significant impact on your bottom line1

Price transparency can help you make cost-effective decisions for your farm

We’ve published the latest edition of our Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report—updated with price data from the 2019 crop year—with that in mind. 

When prices are transparent, you’re empowered to make cost-effective decisions and make sure you’re getting a fair deal when you buy inputs. And that can help you maximize the profit potential on your operation.


You can gain more transparency for your input-buying decisions.

Download the 2019 Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report.


For this year's report, FBN members representing 35 states anonymously contributed more than 12,000 pricing data points on more than 225 ag chemical products, inclusive of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and adjuvants.

And here’s what we learned: Farmers are still paying drastically different prices for the exact same product. We observed 66 products with greater than a 100 percent difference between lowest and highest price paid or quoted.

This remained true for some of the most commonly purchased ag chemical products across the network:


As you can see in the table above, we observed a 276 percent difference in reported prices for Sharpen® powered by Kixor® herbicide. And believe it or not, that only ranked fourth on our list of 20 ag chemical products with the greatest price differential.

Additional highlights in the 2019 Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report:

  • The largest disparities in reported prices we observed last year
  • Price variations for individual products—even within the same state 
  • How operation size can impact pricing for common ag chemicals
  • Price trends over the past four years for select products in our dataset

Download a free copy of our latest Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report to unpack our full analysis on pricing trends. It will equip you with insights as to why and how farmers pay different prices for inputs and show you how price transparency when buying ag chemicals can help you protect your crops—and your bottom line.

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