Getting Started with FBN Profit Center™

FBN℠ Profit Center helps you find the best bids for your grain. Learn about the top 3 ways FBN Profit Center helps FBN members market their grain.

1. Evaluate bids based on highest profit, instead of highest cash bid.

The highest cash bid isn't always the bid that will be most profitable for your farm. Different buyers and different bids come with different transportation and storage costs.

FBN Profit Center makes it easy to find the bids that will deliver the highest profit for your farm with Net or Effective Price.

Net or Effective Price helps you compare bids on an apples-to-apples basis by accounting for the transportation and storage costs you'll incur in order to service each bid.

Net or Effective Price = Cash - Transportation & Storage

FBN Profit Center Crop Marketing Dashboard

2. Receive personalized alerts right to your phone! Set an alert price and get notified when a bid hits the price you set. 

Use FBN Profit Center Alerts to know when there is a bid in your area that meets your target Alert Price. You set the price, we send you text alerts when bids hit your price target.

You set the price, we send you a push notification or text alerts when bids hit your price target. You can also keep a pulse on markets with Cash, Basis and Futures alert types at a custom frequency that you set.

FBN Profit Center Price Alerts Crop Marketing

3. Let FBN Profit Center track your path to profit

When you enter your crop commitments and sales into Profit Center, our software automatically calculates and displays vital information about your profitability.

Target Price for Breakeven

Your Target Price for Breakeven is the average price you need to hit on your unsold bushels in order to cover your costs. It changes every time you sell a portion of your crop and accounts for the average price you've received from all the sales you've already made.

Profit Center Alerts FBN Crop Marketing Dashboard

Bushel Sale Tracking

FBN Profit Center displays the amount of your harvest that's Sold and Remaining, as well as, the average selling price for the bushel's you've sold.

FBN Profit Center Crop Marketing Dashboard


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