Five New Features to Streamline Your Crop Marketing Dashboard in FBN Profit Center

Marketing your grain should feel less scattered and disorganized. You need reliable, real-time tools you can use when you need them most, right in the palm of your hand. With FBN Profit Center, all of your grain marketing information is in one simple display so that you can easily track and manage the most important aspects of selling your crop. 

It takes less than three minutes to set up your crop marketing dashboard with FBN Profit Center. This powerful, centralized grain marketing hub for your farm now has even more features for tracking, organization and management of your daily crop marketing activities.

What’s new in FBN Profit Center:

  1. Designate your favorite elevators. Now you can “star” any elevator that you want to show up in a new section of Profit Center called “Top Bids Near You.” Quickly find past delivery locations that work best for you, or have offered the best price in past crop years.

  2. Capture the best opportunities from elevators near you. Set up and receive price alerts on your favorite elevators, or others near you, to make sure you’re seeing the best opportunities in real-time as they’re available.

  3. A simpler and faster way to add your current, past and planned crops to Profit Center. This means you can easily and efficiently track your crops and records through a new four-step setup process that shows you your breakeven price.

  4. Cash contracts at a glance. Now you can quickly review the many FBN flexible contract offers to see if they’ll fit your farm. You can also browse information on a number of cash contracts to help you better price your grain, access cash flow and and manage risk.

  5. Get the latest updates on market moves and secure your position with our newest pricing alerts that you can customize for cash, basis and futures pricing. All the alerts your farm needs for marketing grain right from your phone and in one centralized location.

What else can you do with FBN Profit Center?

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Learn how to pick the bids that maximize your profit—it's all about knowing your Effective Price.

Easily compare bids on an apples-to-apples basis using the "Effective Price" feature in FBN Profit Center. Effective Price accounts for the cost impact of a bid's delivery location and delivery date, then displays the price per bushel you'll get after accounting for the real or estimated transportation and storage costs your farm will incur in order to service the bid. In FBN Profit Center, use the "vs. Target Price" tool to see how effective price compares to the target price you’re shooting for to break-even.

The highest cash price isn't always the best bid.
Download the FBN Guide on Picking the Best Bid.

FBN Profit Center is for FBN members. Learn more about how you can start using Profit Center today, and see the many ways we’re putting Farmers First®.  Request a demo, or give us a call.

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