Discover Your Yield Competitiveness With FBN Benchmarking

FBN℠ Benchmarking ranks all the information in the network to identify the practices and products that lead to top yields and the most profitable seasons. By giving members insight into the competitiveness of their seeds, soils, and other practices at multiple levels and across time, FBN members can validate existing strategies with real data and easily identify areas that are ready to be optimized.

FBN members can:

  • Benchmark against National Network, State, County, and Your Region
  • Gauge Performance Over Time
  • Benchmark Fields Against One Another Within an Operation 
  • Benchmark Variety Performance and Soil Types

See Yearly Performance Details on: 

» Variety » Planting Date 
» Tillage » Crop Rotation
» Brand » Harvest Date
» GDUs » Precipitation
» Nitrogen » Seeding Rate
» Field Size » Enterprise Size
» Soil Productivity Index  


What can you do with FBN Benchmarking?

  • Know how your farm's performance ranks among similar enterprises on 13 performance details.
  • Identify multi-year trends and track improvements by comparing current and past performance on each field or for your whole operation.
  • Understand how your variety-soil type pairings impact yield and identify areas where there is room to optimize your combinations.
  • Compare the performance of your fields to determine which need extra attention.


"Benchmarking is great to find out where we’re performing. And it’s per field, so if we find an underperforming field we can ask why is that? Have we been putting the wrong hybrid on there, have we mischaracterized the soil? Are others, somewhere, having better luck putting different hybrids or different rates of fertilizer on this ground?"                                                                                                                                     –BEN PEDERSON, IOWA FARMER


How Do I Get Started?

You’ll find benchmarking features throughout FBN. Start by evaluating your whole operation with benchmarking on the My Operation Overview, Varieties, Natural Features, and Planting pages. Be sure to set the benchmarking area in the top right corner of the page to focus on the parameter that matters most to you. Then breakout field-by-field performance by selecting a field; you’ll see benchmarking on the Overview, Varieties, Planting, and Natural Features pages.


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