Cash Grain Management: Meet your new grain marketing co-pilot.

Aug. 14, 2019

Editor's Note: Cash Grain Management is now FBN Market Advisory. When we started the Cash Grain Management program, we were only focused on cash sales and prices. Today, we’ve expanded to include significant futures market support.

Marketing your grain is complicated... margins are narrow, markets are a rollercoaster, and just when you think you might catch a rally, prices take a different turn. Meet your new grain marketing co-pilot. Cash Grain Management from FBN matches you with one of our knowledgeable Farm Marketing Advisors — they support you in marketing your grain as effectively as possible. And they are backed by an entire team of FBN economists and data scientists who are watching the markets on our customers’ behalf.

This team makes recommendations based on cutting-edge data and years of experience studying market fundamentals. They work together with your FMA to tailor FBN Market Intelligence to your personalized marketing plan, taking the guesswork out of when to sell.

Your Farm Marketing Advisor can also customize an FBN cash grain contract to meet your specific risk management goals. When it’s time to sell, your advisor will use local knowledge, our proprietary local basis data, and basis price analytics to help you identify the best price — and place — to deliver your grain.

Joining Cash Grain Management also means you get regular reports on your grain position and periodic deep-dive analyses on some of the highest-performing grain marketing strategies. While other advisors charge by the acre for this level of expertise and individual service, Cash Grain Management is a flat fee. It’s clear advice at a fair price.

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