2016 Corn Harvest Progress - Sept 23, 2016

This week, we headed back to basics. Over 3,900,000 acres of farms responded to September 23, 2016's corn harvest progress poll. 

From the poll responses, it sounds like it might be a little wet in Iowa? Here's what some farmers said:

"0% [harvest,] would need a boat to harvest !!!" 
"0 Going to need a swamp boat to harvest in NE iowa now"

Not unexpectedly, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana are just about done with the corn harvest, while basically no one North of Nebraska or Iowa has started. In between, Kansas is at 17% harvested and Illinois at 9% while Indiana comes in at around 3%. Nebraska and Iowa have both reported the corn harvest to be around 2% complete. 


Poll: What % of your corn has been harvested?

State Average % Progress
Oklahoma 100%
Mississippi 72%
Arkansas 37%
Missouri 33%
Kansas 17%
Illinois 9%
Indiana 3%
Iowa 2%
Nebraska 2%
North Dakota 1%
Ohio 1%
South Dakota 1%
Wisconsin 1%
Minnesota 0%
Michigan 0%
National: 5%


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