FBN℠ Profit Center: Your Crop Marketing Dashboard

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Crop marketing is complicated. FBN Profit Center makes it easy.

Introducing FBN Profit Center

FBN Profit Center is your crop marketing dashboard. In one simple display you can easily track and manage the most important parts of your crop marketing activities. It's powerful software that can take less than 3 minutes to set up.

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What Does FBN Profit Center Do?

Better Bid Tracking

Bids from More Buyers

FBN Profit Center ends the annoyance of having to Request_a_demo_325_250-1.jpgcheck multiple websites or make multiple phone calls in order to collect all the bids in your market. Analyzing bids from over 4,000 buyers, FBN Profit Center displays bids from buyers within 300 miles of your farm.

Automated Bid Comparison

FBN Profit Center makes it easy to compare bids on an apples-to-apples basis using our "Effective Price" feature. Effective Price accounts for the cost impact of a bid's delivery location and delivery date, then displays the price per bushel you'll get after accounting for the real or estimated transportation and storage costs your farm will incur in order to service the bid.

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FBN Profit Center's "vs. Target Price" shows you how the effective price compares to the target price you need to hit in order to break-even.

How to use Effective Price to pick the best bids

Bid Alerts

FBN Profit Center can send "in-the-money" bid alerts right to your phone. Staying on top of the market is as easy as glancing at your phone.



Automated Break-Even and Profit Calculations

Starting Break-Even Point

FBN Profit Center uses your farm's real or expected production cost per bushel to calculate and display the break-even price per bushel you'll need to target.

Dynamic Target Price

As you enter contracts and commit to crop sales your average selling price changes. These contracts also change the price you need to hit on your remaining bushels in order to break-even across your farm.

FBN Profit Center's "Target Price for Breakeven" automatically updates the price per bushel you need to on your uncommitted bushels in order to break-even for the year.

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Profit per Acre Tracking

Once you cover your production costs, FBN Profit Center will display your estimated profit per acre. Your profit per acre number will automatically update every time you enter a new contract.

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Contract and Committed Crop Tracking

Contract Organization

Keeping track of all your sales and crop commitments can be a pain. Use FBN Profit Center to store the details of all your contracts and crop commitments.

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Committed Crop Tracking 

When you enter crop contracts and commitments into FBN Profit Center, we'll keep track of how much crop you've sold and how much is remaining so you'll always know where you stand.

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FBN Profit Center is for FBN Members. If you want to learn more about how you can start using FBN Profit Center, or other benefits of being an FBN member, Request a demo, or give us a call.


Get Better Offers for Your Specialty Crops

1. Setup your specialty crops in FBN Profit Center.

2. Set an offer price. 

3. Once we find demand for your bid, we'll contact you to work out the details! 

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Specialty crops in FBN Profit Center include Edible Beans, Lentils, Peas, Non-GMO Corn & Soybeans, Organic Corn & Soybeans, and White Corn. 

FBN Crop Marketing  is offered by FBN CM LLC and is only available where FBN CM LLC is licensed.

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