MT Marketing Seminar

Join us at our free marketing seminar on Thursday February 1st to learn about breakout marketing opportunities for 2018.

We'll have live specialty and commodity marketing contracts, premiums, and input savings on site to help you move any grain still in the bin, and establish your 2018 strategy.
You'll also pick up practical insights that will make you a better farmer and more informed marketer. Our world class team and expert Montana partners will help you learn how to utilize data-enabled marketing.
If you’re growing or interested in wheat, specialty grain, chickpeas, peas, or lentils, this seminar is for you!


Where: Mansfield Convention Center

Great Falls, Montana

When: Wednesday 1/31  to Thursday 2/1/18

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The Future of Food: Traceability, Sustainability, & Plant-Based Proteins.

Panelists Include:

- Randy Horn, President / CEO, The Whole Bean™
- Richard Kelly, President / CEO, Nutriati
- Tom McCraw, COO, Snack It Forward™


Seminar Agenda:

180108 Montana Winter Seminar Schedule Board_650px v3.png


Event Speakers:

  • Justin Flaten, JM Grains: FBN Crop Marketing's newest partner based in Great Falls, Montana. JM Grains and FBN are working together to ensure farmers receive fair prices and fast payments and get access to a long list of buyers both international and domestic.
  • Ryan Holt: General Manager, Northern Seed
  • Chrissy Hodgskiss: Hodgskiss Seed, located in Choteau Montana. Growers, processors and retailers of foundation, registered and certified seed.
  • Charlie Cahill: Cahill Seeds, largest seed grower in the state of Montana. Facility is located between Scobey and Flaxville, MT.
  • Brian Eggebrecht: Eggebrecht Farming Company, Malta, Montana
  • Dr. Kevin McPhee: Montana State, Pulse Crop Development Expert
  • Neil McCormick: FBN Montana
  • Erik Malmstrom: General Manager - FBN Crop Marketing


When: January 31 6:30 PM  to Feb 1, 2018 6 PM

What: FBN Crop Marketing Seminar

Where: Great Falls, MT


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Neil McCormick

(406) 470-2927

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