Making A First Shot at Residual Weed Control


Burndown/ Pre-Emergent Sprays Put a Clean Start on Your Growing Season

spraying herbicide for burndown and pre-emergence to help manage weeds

Weed control can make or break the growing season. Even before you reach planting, weeds can gain a foothold before your crop has time to get established. When every other planting factor and field condition perfectly aligns, you won’t see the performance you’re hoping for your season, if weeds aren’t managed early.

The first step in effective weed management is to develop a burndown/ pre-emergence herbicide program that can help you achieve residual weed control. This can prepare your fields for planting, while cutting down on in-season herbicide applications later in the season.

As you’re thinking about the best way to achieve clean, weed-free fields before your season begins, we have created pre-emergence herbicide checklists for corn, soybeans and spring-planted wheat. These checklists include crop-specific examples to help you get the most out of your weed control program this year.  

Here are just a few of the tips you will find in our lists as you consider what should be included in your pre-emerge tank mix:

  • Check your rates: To get the most out of an initial pre-emerge shot, it’s important to use the full recommended rate of your product – and know what the plant back is at the specified rate.
  • Use multiple modes of action: Multiple MOAs can help slow down the spread of herbicide resistant weeds on the farm, while ensuring that you have the most consistent control of difficult weeds.
  • Know your adjuvant requirements: Proper adjuvants increase the efficacy of your burndown and pre-emergent herbicides. Consult your label to see which adjuvants are required, recommended, or may be used.

Just remember that a pre-emergent shot isn’t your only chance for control - it’s part of a management program that lasts the whole season long.

Develop a herbicide plan that takes into consideration the entire span of your crop so that you can get the most yield and profitability out of every acre you farm.

Download a crop-specific pre-emergence herbicide checklist.

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