Here Were Our Top Reports and Guides of the Year

Another year is over, a new one’s just begun. Here are some of the most valuable reports and guides we published in 2019. Download these free resources and find out how you can put our data-backed insights to work on your operation as you head into the new crop year.


U.S. Seed Price Transparency Report

At Farmers Business Network℠, we believe that price transparency is a basic consumer right. Read our 2019 U.S. Seed Price Transparency Report to see recent trends we've observed based on invoices contributed anonymously by members of the FBN network and learn how to use our price transparency tools to make sure you’re getting a fair deal when buying seeds for next year.

Download the 2019 U.S. Seed Price Transparency Report


Seed Selection Playbook

For far too long, you simply haven’t had access to reliable, unbiased information on seed price and performance to make the best choices for your operation when it comes to buying seed. But you don’t have to keep farming that way. Get your copy of our Seed Selection Playbook and start using data-driven tools and insights to make more informed seed-buying decisions with ROI in mind.

Download the Seed Selection Playbook


FBN Network Trends Report

Going for morning coffee is great, but it’s only going to tell you so much about what’s happening nationwide across the ag industry. Our 2019 FBN Network Trends Report will give you a clearer picture, from seed performance and chemical prices to farm profitability. Read this overview and see how the power of aggregated, anonymized data from millions of real-world planted acres can help your farm win.

Download the 2019 FBN Network Trends Report

Farmer looking at corn field

Do Seed Traits Pay?

Producers growing corn and soybeans have largely planted traited seed over the past couple decades. But as input prices continue to rise and margins tighten, you might find yourself asking whether or not this investment pays off. Our Do Seed Traits Pay? report takes a closer look at price and performance data to provide you with a clearer answer to that very question (Spoiler Alert: There’s a reason more and more farmers are going back to growing conventional crops).

Download the Do Seed Traits Pay? report

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