This Isn’t Your Dad’s Conventional Corn. Introducing Seed Corn from F2F Genetics Network.

Sep. 3, 2019

“The F2F Genetics seed that we purchased was probably the most economical seed that we bought. At the end of the day, we're trying to produce yield. That's kind of the number one driving factor in any hybrid. But if you can produce the same yield and pay less for the seed, that's a no brainer. We made a decision to buy some F2F seed at Farmer2Farmer. It was, it was nice to be able to talk to the people who spearheaded the whole operation. You don't get that at any other company, to be able to talk to the people who said, ‘We selected this hybrid for this reason and this is where its application is.’ And to hear someone who designed the hybrid tell you this'll work really well, it means a lot more than a salesman saying, ‘I think this hybrid will do really well.’ -John Driscoll, Nebraska farmer and FBN member

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