The F2F Genetics Network Seed Evolution

Aug. 26, 2019

The F2F Genetics Network from FBN is quickly becoming known as the seed brand that's creating new value for farmers by bringing great yield at incredible prices. Even as the cost of seed continues to rise, your farm has to be profitable and you need to be here for the future. That means focusing on the best opportunities for a higher overall return on your seed investment, not just top yields alone. 

Isn’t it time that you helped shape the future of seed genetics around your own farm instead of the seed industry shaping it for you?

F2F Genetics Network puts Farmers First®, combining our independent network of breeders, universities and technology companies with cutting-edge data science and the FBN farmer-to-farmer network. When farmers and breeders are working more closely together, farmers can actually help drive new seed development. Our vision for the future of seed is to bring farmers top-performing genetics combined with affordable trait technology, including the first-ever generic Bt corn. 

Already planted on nearly 1,000 farms and growing, F2F Genetics is changing the way seed is sold.

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