Same Seeds, Different Prices

Thousands of farmers buy the exact same seeds marketed under different brands, but sometimes for radically different prices. Farmers Business Network wants to make sure you know what you're buying and getting the best deal.

Did you know the exact same seed can be sold under two names?

A common practice in the seed industry is to sell the exact same variety of seed under different brand names. Labeling laws require seed companies to disclose the variety identity on the seed bag tag itself -- which is different from the marketed brand name farmers are familiar with. However, it is extremely difficult for farmers to match which seeds are the same as others - a problem we call seed relabeling.

The impact on your bottom line can be very costly.

How much is seed relabeling costing you?

As it turns out, it can be quite a bit. Members of Farmers Business Network are contributing their seed bag tags, seed price invoices, and yield data to an FBN Analytics project that helps farmers not be in the dark on seed relabeling

In one example, we discovered a seed variety that was being sold under both the Beck's® brand and the Supreme Ex® brand (distributed by Seed Consultants, Inc). Same exact seed, different brands. 

Bag-tags.jpgThe average cost difference between the two in the same state? $68 a bag!

At a 35k/acre population rate, that's a cost difference of $29.75/acre.

You might receive a level of service or convenience from one brand that you feel warrants a higher price. But it's critical you know your full options so you can make the best agronomic and financial decisions when you buy seed.

We're conducting a Seed Relabeling study to identify all the different brand names under which any given seed variety is sold. Send us pictures of your the tags on your seed bags - from any crop or seed in North America. We're specifically interested in the variety numbers on the bags, so make sure that both the variety number and brand number are in the picture.

Get involved with The Seed Relabeling Study - What to Expect

To participate, send your bag tag images to: and type "Seed Bags" in the subject line. Members who send in their seed bag tags will receive an email response highlighting if there are any matches in the seed relabeling database for the varieties they sent in.

We recently released an online feature within FBN accounts to allow members to search the entire database for relabeled varieties


We've updated the industry's first and only seed relabeling report with twice the number of seed tag data! 

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