Getting a Raw Deal From Your Retailer?

Know The Market Price For Inputs Before You Buy.

Price Transparency from Farmers Business Network℠ shows you anonymized invoice and quoted prices for thousands of seeds and chemicals.

The path to profit runs through cost

There aren't a lot of businesses that can survive a 45% drop in income, but that's exactly what American farmers have done in the last 5 years. In August of 2012 Corn was as high as $8.21 per bushel; with current prices hovering around $3.50, farmers need to look at cutting the cost side of the P&L.


How do you know if you're getting a good price on farm inputs?

Unfortunately, the Ag inputs industry is one of the most shrouded and non-competitive industries in the world. With traditional retailers offering sweetheart deals, and special discounts to individual customers, it's harder and harder for a farmer to tell if they're getting a good price.

In fact, when it comes to seed our data shows that some farmers are paying 50% more per bag for the exact same brand and variety of seed as other farmers in the same state. That's unfair, anti-free market, and it borders on un-American. Which is why we invented Price Transparency.


Price Transparency: How it works

1. FBN members send pictures or PDF invoices or quotes from real seed and chem purchases.

2. When members contribute data, Price Transparency is unlocked for thousands of seeds and chemicals

3. Our team analyzes the list price, discount, volume, time of year, treatments and other factors to help growers determine actual apples-to-apples price comparisons in their region.


What Does Transparency Look Like?

Chem_Price_Transparency.pngGet a Personalized Demo

The image above is from our chemical price transparency tool, available to all FBN Members who contribute data. Members search the chemical for which they want price data. We show our members the market average price and how many members have shared prices above and below that price. If FBN can find an equivalent product for an even better price, we'll show you that too.

With all that info, our members know if they're getting a good deal or a raw deal from their retailers AND if FBN can find them a better deal through FBN Direct™.


How to Use the Information in Price Transparency?

1. Know if you're getting a fair price.

2. Be armed with data when you negotiate with your retailer.

3. Easily discover better value alternatives.

4. Shop for alternitives with FBN Direct.


Bring Profit Back to Your Farm

Price Transparency is just one more way that Farmers Business Network helps farmers bring profit back to their farm. It starts with putting Farmers First℠, and truly helping farmers help other level the playing field.

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You May Find This Report Useful:

Over 7,000 prices were analyzed, showing that farmers continue to pay widely varying prices even within states. 

In this special report:

  • 20 popular ag chemical brands with more than 100% difference between the lowest and highest price paid
  • Significant price differences for popular ag chemicals like Roundup PowerMax® and Clethodim, even within states

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FBN Direct is offered by FBN Inputs, LLC and is available only in states where FBN Inputs, LLC is licensed. Roundup PowerMax is a registered trademark of Monsanto.