Get Even More Savings on Inputs Delivered Through Your Local FBN Hub

It’s never been easier to buy inputs online. With FBN Direct℠, you can access price transparency on hundreds of ag chemicals, view a side-by-side comparison of products with the same active ingredient and save big on inputs—all without ever having to leave your farm.

Now the savings and convenience of FBN Direct are about to get even better for farmers like you: We’re building an increasingly local presence through a nationwide network of FBN Hubs.

Buy inputs online and pick them up locally

These member-operated distribution sites are designed to allow you to buy inputs online through FBN Direct and schedule pickup at a hub near you. 


We're growing our network of member-operated distribution sites.

Find an FBN Hub near you.


You can also return products directly to your local hub and conveniently make on-site purchases as pest pressure and other needs show up in your fields throughout the season.

All of this translates to savings—both in terms of time and money—so you can focus more on your day-to-day operations and supporting your bottom line.

"Being able to utilize FBN Direct has been a huge savings for my operation. This year there'll be a warehouse 30 miles from my farm. I plan to pick up my own chemicals; if I have any returns, I can take them back."

 - Michael Bergen, Nebraska

Get to know your local FBN Hub

As we gear up for the 2020 growing season, we’re hosting a series of kick-off events at FBN Hub locations across the country. Find an event near you and get the scoop on this brand new offering:

  • Meet your local FBN Hub operator
  • Learn more about the FBN Direct model
  • Get a preview of new products in our online store
  • See how the FBN Agronomy team can lend you a hand when buying inputs
  • Connect with other farmers in your region

These kick-off events are free and open to FBN members and non-members alike, so grab a friend or neighbor and come see how this is yet another way we are working together to make farming better for farmers.

Enjoy savings and convenience with FBN Direct

Want to find out how buying inputs online can help you maximize profit potential on your operation? Our direct-to-farm model is putting power back into the hands of farmers like you. Sign up for a free demo and see just how easy it is to save money on the products you need for your operation. 

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