FBN Hub Spotlight: Graceville, Minnesota

We kicked off the 2020 crop year with the exciting launch of FBN Hubs across the U.S. This growing network of member-operated distribution sites allows farmers to buy inputs online through FBN Direct℠ and schedule free pickup locally. 

You can also make convenient on-site purchases at your nearby FBN Hub as in-season needs arise and make eligible returns and/or exchanges for unused products.

All of this so you can focus more on your day-to-day operations and supporting your bottom line. It’s just one of the many ways we’re working together to put Farmers First®.

Get to know the local FBN Hub in Graceville, MN

To celebrate this new opportunity for increased savings and convenience, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our FBN Hubs and their operators. This week, we'd like to introduce you to the FBN Hub located in Graceville, Minnesota.


Adam and Sherry Jipson farm about 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans in Western Minnesota. Adam is a fourth-generation farmer, and together he and Sherry have run the operation since 2011.

The Jipsons joined FBN four years ago when they saw the savings potential membership in the network offered their farm. They were especially impressed with FBN’s commitment to transparency and its data-driven tools such as FBN Price Transparency, which shows average prices for thousands of ag chemicals and seeds using real invoices contributed by FBN members across the country.

When they first heard about the opportunity to operate an FBN Hub, they knew it would be good for their family. Opening an FBN Hub would give Sherry, a nurse, the ability to be home with the family and the operation more consistently throughout the summer months and still pick up extra nursing shifts during the off-season.

“I really think having a hub here locally is going to help farmers see the value of FBN—not just the savings, but all the tools and other services that are available.”

- Sherry Jipson

The Jipsons repurposed one of their farm shops to be a warehouse for their FBN Hub. Farmers can call before they come and Sherry will have all their products ready when they arrive. And for those chilly days, the Jipsons’ farm shop is heated—so farmers can drive in and get loaded up without standing outside in the cold.

“I really think having a hub here locally is going to help farmers see the value of FBN—not just the savings, but all the tools and other services that are available,” said Sherry. “Being a part of FBN is going to help a lot of farmers save money and ultimately continue farming.”

Enjoy savings and convenience with FBN Direct

Shopping for inputs online through FBN Direct gives you access to savings, price transparency and more. With an FBN Hub nearby, you can take advantage of great deals and the convenience of local pick-up.

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