Turn the World into Your Plot Trial with FBN Seed Finder

Aug. 14, 2019

Buying the right seed is complicated. Every year, you have to choose from hundreds of seed hybrids and varieties. With so many seeds to choose from, how do you know if you’re getting the right seed.. with the right yield potential... for the right price?

And you may not know it, but the exact same variety of seeds can be sold under multiple brand names at a completely different price. We believe you deserve complete transparency, because all of this can be the difference between profit and loss for your farm.

That’s why we created FBN Seed Finder — so you can find the best seeds for each of your fields. FBN Seed Finder is independent and unbiased, and shows you how seeds actually performed on more than 5,000 farms and across more than 36 million acres of real-world data in the FBN network.

See what other farmers are paying for seed in your state, so you can maximize the return on your seed cost. You can filter performance by rotation, traits, region and soil type. And see how to optimize each seed by breaking out actual performance on factors like seeding rate, planting date, row spacing or nitrogen use.

And FBN Seed Finder will instantly show you which varieties are relabeled, and by which brands. And best of all: the data comes from farmers like you so you can find the right seed for the right price for each field. You can turn the world into your plot trial with FBN Seed Finder. 

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