F2F Genetics Network Seed is in the Ground: How Will it Perform?

The future of seed is emerging...quite literally! F2F Genetics Network™ seed is being delivered and planted from Texas to North Dakota, and farmers are even starting to see some emergence in the southern states.

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The network provides farmers with a new alternative to seed development and purchasing. Through the power of the F2F℠ seed network, farmers are now the ones driving the future of genetics, the performance of the seeds they plant, and the yield potential of their farms. But how?

High quality genetics are sourced from an individual network of breeders, universities and technology companies. After planting, farmer feedback is directed back to the breeder so we can continue improving F2F seed based on farmers needs.

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We want farmers to feel confident about the seed they put in the ground. That’s why Farmers Business Network℠ has committed to be completely transparent with all F2F seed performance, pricing and genetics. After the first year’s harvest, we’ll share the output and attribute information we have from breeder trials and production field yields.

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FBN is excited about this year’s planting, and even more excited that farmers are able to drive such a radical innovation. Stay tuned for harvest!

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