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Sep. 3, 2019

“We planted about 40 percent F2F Genetics. I’ve been very loyal, but I’ve got to look out for myself, my operation. I try to do a lot of things local, if I can, but when you're looking at the price of seed—$100 a bag versus $180— and you can see that it could be the same genetics? I'm sorry, $100 versus $180. Yes, that $180 is going to lose my loyalty. There's so many people it has to go to before it gets to the farm. Well, if we can eliminate a lot of that in between and it helps my return on investment, that's the approach I gotta go. If I can buy a $100 bag of seed corn from FBN and it's as good or better than the other genetics I was planting, then why can't company B, C and D sell their corn for $110 a bag instead of $180, $190 or $200 a bag?”

-John Heitkamp, Ohio farmer and FBN member

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