Discover the Best Seed for Every Field with FBN Yield Potential

Introducing The All New FBN℠ Yield Potential Seed Selection System

FBN Yield Potential helps you find the best seeds to maximize yield on any field by using the power of millions of acres of real yield data. Easy to use and lightning fast, Yield Potential identifies the highest yielding seeds for each of your field's unique soils, irrigation, and your crop rotation practices. As you find seeds you like, add them to your "Favorites" list to check their estimated yields on any of your other fields. Yield Potential is powered by real data from thousands of farms and is completely independent, unbiased, and objective. 

What can you do with FBN Yield Potential?

  • See estimated yields for different varieties on each field - Yield Potential estimates whole field yield performance for every seed based on millions of acres of yield data and each field's unique soil types.         
  • Easily identify the best brands and seeds for your fields and filter for your ideal relative maturity ranges.  
  • See how changing crops, rotation, seed brand, relative maturity, or irrigation impacts your bottom line and how much revenue you could be leaving on the table.
  • Favorite the best seeds and to see how they perform on all of your fields.    
  • Dive into full profiles of all your soil types so you can see all the top performing seeds and which fields have each soil.


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"Here’s something that collects it, puts it together in a format that you can actually use and get something out of it. This is what I was hoping and anticipating it would do. I was looking for something that would take this data, wash it out, and put it together with other stuff and tell me 'this is what your data is for, this is what your data’s telling you."

                                                                             –PAT F., North Dakota 


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