Buying Inputs Online: Canadian Farmers Find Value and Transparency with FBN Direct®

Farmers are pretty adept at looking for ways to reduce their production costs, but that isn’t always easy or accessible. 

When it comes to doing price comparisons for inputs, for example, Canadian farmers often need to put in a lot of legwork just to get a somewhat accurate picture.

You’re calling or driving to a local retailer, seeing what they have available and at what price—and then starting the process all over again with a different retailer in town or further down the road. And you’re ultimately left having to make decisions on comparable products, just hoping that the prices you’re getting are actually the best available. 

FBN Direct® delivers convenience and value to your farm

That’s why we’re changing the input-buying game at Farmers Business Network®. Through our online platform, FBN Direct®, we’ve put ag chem purchases and price comparisons into the palm of your hand, with the convenience of 24/7 shopping and direct-to-farm delivery.

And now it’s available to all Canadian farmers when they sign up for a free FBN® membership* and contribute a chem product invoice.


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Potential Savings on Inputs


With our mobile app, you can literally buy the crop protection inputs you need while in the cab and find potential savings on a wide range of chemicals. 

In fact, our analysis of farmer-contributed invoices for our recent report, The Future of the Family Farm, revealed that we’ve offered a lower price—for the same product or its generic alternative—for 84 percent of the most popular chemical products on the market. 

Even better, we discovered that the price Canadian farmers find on FBN Direct is on average 21 percent below the reported market average.

“In my operation, the biggest impact FBN has had is cost savings,” says Alberta farmer Grant Cummins. “I booked through FBN Direct last year and I saved close to $20,000. That’s substantial, especially in tough times.”** 


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Price Transparency

We also want you to be able to make confident, straightforward decisions when buying inputs.

As we look at ag chemical invoices, we often see farmers in the same area paying drastically different prices for the same crop protection products. Without price transparency, suppliers can charge higher prices without worrying about competition or losing sales.

We built FBN Price Transparency into our online store to show you what other farmers reportedly paid as well as average prices for hundreds of products on the market.

“Having price transparency while we’re purchasing our chemicals makes it almost like we have an upper hand in the market,” says Aaron Gray, a farmer in Saskatchewan. “We can shop around and feel more confident when we do make our purchases. And we only get that through FBN.”**

"Having price transparency while we’re purchasing our chemicals makes it almost like we have an upper hand in the market. And we only get that through FBN."

- Aaron Gray, Saskatchewan***

We also show you other products with the same active ingredient so you can better evaluate your options, explore different chemistries and find additional savings potential.

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* Free membership is currently available to Canadian farmers in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Fees may apply for certain product and service offerings other than FBN membership.

** Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. FBN merchandise provided for testimonials.
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