NEW $99 Corn! Announcing F2F Genetics Network 2020 Seed Portfolio

Last year, FBN℠ launched F2F Genetics Network™, an entirely new business model designed to bring farmers top-performing genetics combined with affordable trait technology. Since then, F2F Genetics corn, soybean and alfalfa has been planted across hundreds of thousands of acres by nearly 1,000 farmers. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new 2020 seed portfolio. 

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New Genetics. Better Prices.

FBN’s ultimate goal is to provide farmers the ability to be more profitable. That means focusing on the best opportunities for a higher overall return on your seed investment. We are working with breeders across the country to find the best hybrids at a great value.

“F2F is quickly becoming known as the seed brand that's creating new value for farmers by bringing great yield at incredible prices. But if you look to the future, that’s not enough. F2F Genetics wants to bring to the farmer the best return on investment proposition of any seed brand in the industry.”

-Ron Wulfkuhle, FBN Head of Seed

You’ll find that quality genetics combined with fair, transparent prices are at the heart of the new F2F Genetics Network 2020 seed portfolio. Highlights include: 

  • $99 Early Season Pricing on F2F Genetics Network conventional corn, with offerings across a broad geographic area;

  • Traited corn starting at $149 from Master Farmer, offered exclusively by F2F Genetics Network;

  • $27 Soybeans, with new products and the option to hold back your seed using our Soy+1 program.

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All F2F Genetics Network or FBN Direct™ purchases made by January 17, 2020 qualify for 0% interest. To qualify, simply complete the application and approval process.

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Changing The Way Seed Is Sold

When farmers and breeders are working together, farmers can help drive new seed development and completely change the game of the seed of the seed industry. Are you ready to shape the future of seed genetics around your own farm instead of the seed industry shaping it for you?

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