Already Bought Seeds? Optimize Your Placement

Are your pre-ordered seeds in route to your farm, or sitting in your shed just waiting to be planted?

While you wait, use FBN Yield Potential to estimate how your seeds may yield on each of your fields. 

FBN Yield Potential looks at millions of acres of seed yields to help you optimize seed placement. (Video: How It Works)

For each seed, you'll see its:

  • average performance on each of your fields
  • average performance on every soil type within a given field

Here's how to optimize your seed placement:

FBN_Number_1 Find your seed.  

Step 1


FBN_Number_2 Favorite the Seed. Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.55.22 PM

step 2


FBN_Number_3 Now select any field to view that seed's estimated yield performance! 

step 3  

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