Best Seeds of 2019 - Seed Performance Surveys (Clone)

By working together, FBN members have already helped shed light on chemical price transparency, seed discounts, and industry practices like seed relabeling and zone pricing.

This growing season, farmers like you are making their voices heard and helping to shape the future of seed development. All you have to do is contribute info this season about how your seeds are performing.


fbn-branded-yeti-smallerEach time you share seed performance, you'll be entered for a chance to win 1 of 5 Yeti™ Coolers!

You'll receive 1 additional entry for every seed you submit a rating for!


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FBN Will Return Performance Results!

Throughout the season, you'll receive reports on the top rated varieties and brands of 2019. 



Survey Details - What To Expect

Within FBN Seed Finder, you can check prices and yields for thousands of seeds on soil types across the country, but these in-season surveys will take it a step further!

Surveys will be sent at three points in the season to develop rankings! Topics may include: 

  • Post-Planting: emergence
  • Mid Season: green snap, above & below ground insect response
  • Post-Harvest: root lodging + overall rating

When your region nears 100% planted on our weekly text message planting progress polls, we'll send you your first seed performance survey via text message and email. 


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