Managing Fungal Pathogens that Overwinter in Your Fields

Podcast Panelists
Darin Lickfeldt, Ph.D. | FBN Head of Agronomy
LeRoy Toohey | FBN Senior Agronomist
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Addressing fungal pathogens on your farm operation is a year-round endeavor. Many of these disease-causing agents can overwinter in your fields and pose a threat to your crop in the spring.

In this week's episode, Darin and LeRoy cover steps you can take this fall and winter to address fungal pressures in your fields during the offseason and prepare for a healthy crop next year. 

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Fungal diseases and the regions where they are of greatest concern
  • Why scouting your fields in the fall is important to success in the spring 
  • How to approach tillage, rotation, seed selection and treatment options to position yourself well for next year
  • Fungicide applications to consider to manage pressures during the next growing season

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