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When you're in-season you don't want to be tied down to your office. That's why all Farmer's Business Network members get free access to the FBN Ops Mobile App on iPhone & Android.

FBN Ops Makes It Easy to:

  • Record important planting, spraying and scouting activities right in the field
  • Collaborate with your team and ensure every is singing from the same hymnal
  • Review the precision data activity history of your fields.


What's in the FBN Ops App?

  • Field Activity Timeline - Easily scroll through a timeline of your farm's precision events including planting, application, and harvest activities as well as any scouting note. 
  • Scouting Notes - The Ops app automatically identifies which field you're standing in and tags your activity to the correct field.
  • Scouting Photos - Easily add photos of your crop progress, disease and pest indicators or field conditions to your records.
  • Team Collaboration - Up to 5 farm team members can work together on the Ops app. You can control if you want to keep a note private or share it with your whole team to keep everyone informed.


What's New?

We've added some great features this season that make the FBN Ops Mobile App even more useful.

  • Record tank mixes and application notes - You can now save the exact formulas for your application mixes.
  • Save your mixes - Save application mixes in the app to make it even faster to record new application activities field by field.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.57.44 PM.png

The Ops App is one more way Farmer's Business Network gives power back to the farmers through better access to information. We put Farmers FirstSM, and it's all made possible through a network of farmers helping farmers.

FBN members can download the Ops app here. 


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