What is the biggest change on your farm this season?

We asked FBN℠ members for the largest change on their farms this season. 

Farmers from 33 US states and 5 Canadian provinces responded to the poll. 

Are you making some of these changes on your farm as well? It was interesting to see the number of farmers thinking about new crops, conventional corn and adjusting tillage practices.

In the word cloud below, the larger the word, the more times it was mentioned by farmers. 


SMS-Poll-Largest-Change-Next-Season-11-27-18 (1)FBN runs sms polls every couple weeks. By participating, FBN members can make their voice heard, while also receiving same day results via phone. 

If you have been an FBN member for a while, but have not received an sms poll, please reach out to your local account representative. Also, if you have a burning question that you would like to ask FBN members across the country, send it in to support@farmersbusinessnetwork.com! 


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