Podcast: Holding Back GT Soybeans and Healthcare on the Farm

In this episode of the FBN Podcast, we’re sharing takeaways from our data science report on seed relabeling, and how much it could be costing you. We also talk about holding back glyphosate-tolerant soybeans seed for the first time in decades, and take a first look at new options in farmer-focused healthcare.

Listen to the FBN podcast on SoundCloud.

Listen to the FBN podcast on SoundCloud


Episode Recap 

How to Hold Back GT Soybeans with Brant Caley and Steve Sick 

Seed costs have always been one of the highest per-acre expenses, and as traited seed has become more popular, those prices have continued to rise. But in a down commodity market, maybe it’s time to start looking at new opportunities in seed.

It’s been a while since saving or holding back seed has been a common practice for most row crop farmers. It was a prevalent practice for hundreds of years, though it has all but been eliminated with the advent of GM traits. However, since the original glyphosate tolerance trait has come off patent for soybeans recently, many farmers are curious if they could successfully hold back harvested soybean seeds to plant the following year.

Brant and Steve share what you need to know if you’re thinking about saving soybean seed, and what it looks like today to hold back glyphosate tolerant soybeans for the next crop year.

Updated 2018 Seed Relabeling Report with Brant Caley and Matt Meisner 

Matt and Brant discuss some of the findings from our recent report on seed relabeling — a common practice in the seed industry where the exact same variety of seed is sold under different brand names. Labeling laws require seed companies to disclose the variety identity on the seed bag tag itself, which is different from the marketed brand name farmers are familiar with. That’s why it is extremely difficult for you to match which seeds are the same as others. And it can be costly to your bottom line.

From Soil Sampling to Quality Soil Testing with Paul Westenburg of Midwest Labs

Healthy soil that is rich in nutrients and organic matter will give you the best opportunity to achieve high yields. Soil sampling can help you to determine how well your fertility plan is working, and what levels of macronutrients, and micronutrients, your soils have or need.

So after you’ve gone out and collected quality soil samples, and delivered them to the soils lab of your choice, what comes next? What does the soils lab actually do with it? 

I talked recently to Paul Westenburg of Midwest Labs. I had a chance to tour Midwest Labs with Paul, and he shared a little bit about what Midwest Labs does to ensure quality soil testing for farmers.

Healthcare on the Farm with Lucas Strom

When FBN members told us they needed better options for health coverage, we listened.You asked us for more choice around your health benefits options with plans that are designed for farming families and businesses like yours—healthcare that’s straightforward, affordable and reliable, with best-in-class service when you need it most. Lucas Strom is head of FBN Insurance. He’s also a farmer from Illinois. Lucas joins me to talk about the launch of FBN Health, healthcare designed for farm operations.

"Ten percent of farms have no health coverage. For those that do have coverage, annual premiums can be upwards of $40,000 per year . . . meanwhile, average net farm income is down to $77,000 last year." 


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