Podcast: Corn Discounts Report, Soybean Quality, Grain Marketing "Why," and Making a Starter Fertilizer Application

Do you know if you’re getting a good discount on seed? Are you getting the best discount possible for being a loyal customer to the brand you buy, or does your neighbor get a better deal because of the volume of seed he purchases? In this episode of the FBN podcast, we’re talking corn seed discounts, how to develop a data-driven grain marketing plan that works, as well as soybean germination and quality, which has been on a lot of minds since harvest.

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Episode Recap

Trends from the FBN Corn Seed Discounts Report 

How much, or how little, does discounting impact the ultimate price you pay for corn seed? A lot of farmers have asked us this question, and many have told us that they think they could be getting a better deal on seed, and that they are pretty sure their neighbor is getting a better deal… but they don’t know for sure. That’s why we had our data science team conduct an analysis and special report on discounts in corn seed to find out just how much discounts vary and what you can do about it.

Matt Meisner, head of data science at FBN, walks through the report, sharing which brands discount the most, how discounts ranges vary by brand, and how discounts vary by state and by customer loyalty. If you’re a long-time customer of a seed brand, you might not be getting a better discount than a new customer.

Soybean quality, germination and seed treatments

The questions keep rolling in about soybean seed quality. Farmers are asking: "Will a late harvest and all the wet weather at harvest impact my soybean seed supply for planting?" Well, the answer is pretty simple: Yes.

While most farmers try not to get mad at a good rain, the abundance of water that many areas saw around harvest time created the ideal conditions for fungi, shattering and rotting; and the worst possible conditions for getting equipment into the field to protect the seed quality that might have been left. 

Steve Sick, senior seeds product expert at FBN, talks about how seed treatments really work, and what should be (or not be) in your seed treatment program. If you’ve been wondering about soybean germination rates, and whether they’ll be what you want to see, listen in for some practical tips to maximize your soybean seed quality.

Starter fertilizer makes for a strong start

Are you thinking about a starter fertilizer this spring? Did you know that a starter can help you maximize crop yield potential, and that the benefits should be easy to spot—a more uniform plant stand, early seedling vigor, reduced weed competition and the potential to see a yield increases. No one can guarantee a yield increase, of course, but using a starter fertilizer can be an important step in meeting your yield goals.  

Every year, you work hard to get your crop off to a strong start, and your nutrient applications play an important part in that. LeRoy Toohey, senior staff agronomist at FBN, about the benefits of using a starter fertilizer, how to make sure your corn is getting the right amount of nitrogen, and how to balance nutrient efficiency.

The FBN grain marketing "why"insights and advice

Farmers have told us that they feel like their hands are tied when it comes to the ups and downs of the roller coaster that is the commodities market. Ben Harms, head of strategy and operations for FBN Crop Marketing is on the podcast in this episode to talk about how FBN is helping farmers get both the insights and advice you want, so you can develop a data-driven grain marketing plan that works, and how you can get more affordable options and expert service around actually selling your grain.

Ben has been a core part of the crop marketing team at FBN and he shares why and how the team has developed the opportunities we have today to help farmers market their grain and make sense out of the commodities markets. 


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