See How We’re Leveling the Playing Field at Farmer2Farmer V

You know how much the odds are stacked against farmers: For far too long you’ve lacked access to fair, transparent prices on inputs and independent, unbiased and reliable information on performance.

And with margins as tight as they are and the multitude of challenges you’re facing—from weather to the impact of global trade wars to shifting market demands—farming can feel downright overwhelming at times. 

The FBN network grew out of a desire to level the playing field. By leveraging data from thousands of farmers across millions of acres, we can supply you with the information you need to make smart, cost-effective decisions on your operation. And that can make all the difference in the world for you and your family.

That’s why we invited Billy Beane, EVP of the Oakland A’s, to speak during Day Two of Farmer2Farmer V. Beane used insights driven by data analytics to help the cash-strapped A’s franchise outperform other MLB teams with far more financial resources.

And that’s why throughout the three days at Farmer2Farmer, we’re providing demos and hands-on support to help you put FBN analytics tools to work on your farm. Our data science team is also leading a pair of panel discussions to unpack the many different ways data can help you farm smarter and more efficiently.

If you're in Omaha for Farmer2Farmer V, take advantage of this opportunity to learn how you can get even more out of the data-driven insights that power your membership in the FBN network and beat the odds in 2020 and beyond.

You Can Leverage Data to Help Your Farm Win, Too

See how data from millions of acres across the U.S. and Canada and the tools we provide can transform your approach to farming and help you maximize profit potential on your operation.

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