EPA Approves Year-Round E15

Expanding Access to Biofuels Is a Victory for Farmers, Consumer Choice, Ag Leaders Say

In a clear win for farmers and the agriculture industry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it will permit year-round sales of E15, a fuel blend with 15 percent ethanol.

The EPA’s final rule, issued on May 31 at the start of the peak summer travel season, changes the nearly decade-old limitations on year-round E15 and delivers a long-sought victory for the biofuels and ag industries. Previously, E15 sales were restricted in most markets from June 1 to Sept 15.

The E15 ruling sets the wheels in motion for boosting ethanol sales nationwide and pumping life back into a struggling ag economy. More than 1,800 fuel retail stations in 31 states offer E15, and industry experts anticipate more retail chains will add equipment to sell E15 in the coming months.

Nationwide adoption of E15 is anticipated to drive the production of 7 billion gallons of biofuels, creating an additional demand for 2 billion bushels of corn each year and unlocking new domestic demand for homegrown fuels at a critical time for America’s farmers.

With the rule, President Trump is fulfilling the commitment he made to rural voters on the campaign trail and reiterated in October 2018.

“The Trump Administration’s year-round E15 rule is a huge win for farmers, clean fuels and consumer choice,” said POET CEO and Founder Jeff Broin. “Millions of drivers will now have the freedom to choose cleaner-burning E15 and enjoy greater savings at the pump when they need it most — during the summer driving season when fuel prices peak. We extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary Perdue and Administrator Wheeler for putting family farms, rural jobs, cleaner air and American consumers first and delivering year-round E15 as promised.”

Biofuels and ag industry advocates touted the final rule as a critical milestone for the industry that is the result of more than a decade of hard work by many connected to the industry, including congressional champions, farmers and biofuels advocates across the heartland.

Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy, the biofuels industry’s largest trade association, highlighted the myriad benefits of this action for consumers and farmers.

“We are grateful to President Trump for delivering on his promise to unleash the power of E15 all year-long,” said Skor. “With year-round E15, retailers will have the regulatory certainty they need to offer American drivers a cleaner, more affordable fuel choice throughout the year. This action also means savings for American motorists at the pump and a sorely needed market for farmers who are facing a devastating economic downturn.”


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