Announcing: Crop Marketing backed by data. Not acre fees.

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One of the things that makes FBN℠ fundamentally different is our Farmers First℠ mindset. Our company is built on the foundation of doing the right thing for farmers. That’s why FBN is proud to announce our new suite of crop marketing services.

Make Better Decisions

We now offer a personal grain marketing advisory service called Cash Grain Management, and a markets news & insights service called Market Intelligence

Cash Grain Management 

FBN Members who subscribe to Cash Grain Management receive a personal dedicated Farm Marketing Advisor to support their toughest marketing decisions.

We start by listening to our members and learning about their farms. Then we combine our knowledge of their business with information from some of the largest available datasets on futures and basis prices to develop marketing plans that fit each member’s unique needs.


Our advisors also relay pricing recommendations that come from our central research and analytics hub, backed by data and selling strategies that have a history of proven performance.

In addition to regular interaction with a dedicated Farm Marketing Advisor, subscribers have access to FBN Market Intelligence (read more about Market Intelligence below). 

Cash Grain Management subscribers get discounts on FBN cash contracts, our low-cost brokerage platform ($1.50/commission per side), and execution support when it comes to selling physical grain (more on these services below).

Comparable services from other advisors often involve “per acre” fees as high as $7.50 per acre and can have minimum costs. These services can run as high as $25,000 per year. 

FBN Cash Grain Management is a flat annual fee of $2,000 (no acre fees), making it a valuable service at a price that’s within reach of most farmers. 

Read more about and express interest in Cash Grain Management here.  <>


Market Intelligence

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FBN Market Intelligence is a commodity markets news & insights service with price recommendations, daily market updates, weekly market reviews, and periodic special reports and webinars covering large market events and marketing strategies.

See example special report here.  <>


We provide our commodity news, analysis, and price recommendations in a variety of formats including daily and weekly newsletters, voice mail, recorded webinars, podcasts, and live events. Market Intelligence is included with Cash Grain Management subscriptions, or available separately to FBN Members for $199/yr, or $19/month.

Learn more about Market Intelligence here.  <>


Execute Your Plan

Beyond our advisory services and market news products, we support the marketing efforts of FBN members with a variety of cash contracts and access to low cost brokerage services.

Cash Contracts

We have a range of independent cash contracts that fit a variety of needs. Our contracts allow FBN members to take forward market positions with more flexibility than many similar contracts. The goal of these contracts is to allow farmers to maintain their independence when it comes to contracting grain, keeping them untethered from buyers.

For short descriptions of all of our contracts visit hereFor longer explanations of this contracts click on the relevant links below:

FBN Brokerage

FBN Brokerage provides a low-cost trading platform for farmers who trade the board themselves - but who don't want to break the bank. You can trade on mobile or desktop, access live price quotes, and call in to speak FBN trade desk representative. 

FBN Brokerage is available to FBN members and non-members - with commissions as low as $1.50 per side. 

To read more about FBN Brokerage, click here.

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