Comparing Farm Map Layers With Ease

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FBN’s mapping features are a powerful tool to give you the big picture of what is actually happening in your field throughout all stages of the growing season. As the phrase goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” you will be able to understand impacts to yield quickly through comparing various layers and years of data.

Do you use multiple precision monitor systems on your farm? Does your farm operate a John Deere Tractor with Trimble Steering and a Precision Planting 20/20 planter monitor, along with a Cat Challenger with Trimble Steering and Case IH Display and a Case Combine to top it all off?

Not a problem! We have plenty of farmers on the system that use a wide variety of precision equipment on their farm and use FBN to finally see all of their field maps in one place. FBN members can upload data from over 25 different monitor types to be cleaned, stored, and mapped.


Using FBN's Mapping system, members have the ability to look at a wide variety of maps.

Click on the links below to learn more about specific map layers:

Depending on your available data, crop, map type, and year, certain layers may or may not be available.

When selecting a field, you can compare two map layers and visually reveal correlations for poor or excellent yield and much more. Simply moving the compare slider left to right will display one map layer over the other.

If you are frustrated with the wait for rendering maps and can't easily compare maps with your current solution, request a demo of FBN to see this feature and more in action.

You can read more about FBN's farm mapping features in our FBN Knowledge Center.


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