Announcing Our Best Financing Offer Ever. 0% On Every Purchase of the Year!

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Get 0% On Every Inputs Purchase of the 2019 season

When your financing interest rate is 0%, the decision to buy on credit gets much easier--you won't pay anything extra for financing your purchase!

0% On All Purchases Made By Dec 20

All FBN members who purchase inputs by December 20, 2018 qualify for a 0% rate*--regardless of the size of the purchase. Rates then start to go up for purchases made after December 20--except for farmers who join our brand new 0% Club.  

The 0% Club

0% Club members will be able to continue making purchases on 0% all season long--whether it's in January, March, or even July. This new financing offer is our best ever, designed specifically around your needs. 

This is especially important in an environment where there is the possibility of rising interest rates. When you become part of the 0% Club, you lock in your 0% interest rate now. Our program is designed to give you both certainty and flexibility--you can buy inputs on credit when you need them without ever having to worry about the cost of financing. FBN extended terms rates will go up to 7.75% by next summer for those who don't use this offer. 

We’ve also designed our payment due date around your farm’s financial calendar: no payments are due until the loan’s maturity date on December 1, 2019.

How To Qualify for the 0% Club:

  • Submit a credit application.

  • Purchase at least $60,000 excluding tax, delivery and other fees in seed, chemicals, and/or fertilizer by November 30, 2018. Your purchase must include at least 5 different products, which can include different seed varieties, chemical active ingredients and/or fertilizer formulations. These requirements apply only to the 0% Club. You can still qualify for 0% financing on your pre-season order by purchasing any order size by December 20, 2018. 

Want 0% Just on Pre-Season? 

If you are looking for a 0% rate just on your pre-season purchase, no need to qualify for the 0% Club! Any purchases of seed and chemical made by December 20, 2018 will qualify for a 0% rate and loan maturity date of December 1, 2019. 

Apply For 0% Extended Terms Now!
*The interest rate for FBN Finance in Canada is PRIME + 2.95% 

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