Understanding the Nitrogen Efficiency of Seeds

Do different seeds respond to Nitrogen applications differently?

FBN is excited to announce the addition of nutrient efficiency to the revolutionary FBN Seed Finder system - now available on over 100 hybrids. Combining Nitrogen and Seed analysis enables a never-before available analysis of hybrid-nutrient response derived from millions of acres of real world yields.

By analyzing the relationships between N applications and yields by hybrid, FBN can now help farmers find the most N efficient seeds and the right application rates for optimal yields.

Using FBN Seed Finder, Farmers can specify their region, soil texture, crop rotation, drainage, irrigation and other factors to personalize these analytics and determine optimal fertility practices on each field. Finding the N-yield response difference between corn-on-corn and corn-on-soybeans is as fast as toggling a button!

Combined with FBN analytics on seed and input prices, adding Nitrogen analytics to seed intelligence helps our members get to a true “price-to-performance” assessment of their input plans.

To access these analytics, just click on a variety name anywhere in FBN (e.g. from Seed Finder).


Not a member? Schedule a demo and see how easy it is to access nitrogen efficiency insights for your seed varieties!