How is terrain affecting your yields?

Of all the factors we measure and analyze, field terrain has one of the strongest effects on yields.  Using cutting edge data science, we've developed terrain and landform maps for every field in the United States. 

Terrain maps automatically classify your fields by their terrain features like hill tops, slopes, flat areas, and gullies.  Each field's yields are then analyzed by their terrain, so you can quickly see how various parts of your fields are performing.
Use the "Compare Maps" slider and overlay terrain maps to other maps like yield and harvest moisture to  see the yield impacts directly!  

Terrain types and yields are broken out into easy-to-read bar charts!

How Do I Get Started?

 "FBN is now the place I go to when I want to look at a yield map. It's so easy, I can do it from multiple devices. It's just becoming part of how I look at my farm, and this is only just the beginning. It's the place that I store my farm data as opposed to trying to store it on my computer. It's some place safe.

–BRETT M., Illinois


Learn how to put all your precision maps to work with the Mapping Guide

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