Plantback After Burndown

One of the first steps to getting your crop year off to a clean start is to plant into a weed-free seedbed. A good burndown of the existing weeds can help eliminate their ability to compete with the crop to be planted. There are several effective burndown chemistries that can be used to do this. Selecting the proper herbicide and rate to be used begins with positive weed identification, your current level of weed pressure and the weeds’ growth stage.

Once you have selected an herbicide, read the label directions carefully to understand its correct use. Depending on the products you’ve chosen for burndown applications, there may be a Days Before Planting (DBP) restriction. DBP is required when a chance of crop injury could exist from the burndown herbicide being applied, including poor germination and lengthening plant emergence, which can cause erratic final populations.

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Here is a list of commonly used herbicides with their DBP information.


Always read and follow the specific label directions before making any application.

PRO TIP: When tank mixing with other herbicides, the guidelines above may vary. Consult the specific labels of products to be used, and read our story:
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ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. It is a violation of federal and state/provincial law to use any pesticide product other than in accordance with its label. The distribution, sale and use of an unregistered pesticide is a violation of federal and/or state law and is strictly prohibited. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on this page or which is provided by us in any form. It is your responsibility to confirm prior to purchase and use that a product is labeled for your specific purposes, including, but not limited to, your target crop or pest and its compatibility with other products in a tank mix.