Farmer Perspective: Fourth Generation Row Crop Farm Finds Profit Potential and Soil Health Improvement with Organics

Chuck Thompson of Humboldt, Iowa, farms with his brother and father. Like many farmers, he grew up on a traditional, corn-and-soybean operation, but in the past 5 years, they've made some operational changes because some of their practices no longer made economic sense. 

“Our row crops in the past 10 years have had some ups and downs, but they haven’t been enough to support our three families, so we had to go off the farm,” Chuck says.

Year after year they’ve expected things to improve, but still found they were just getting by. After talking to their dad about it one evening, who recalled living hand-to-mouth when he was a young farmer, the brothers asked themselves: If nothing has changed in 45 years, why do we expect next year is going to be better?

They realized that unless they made a change, their financial situation would stay the same. That's when they decided to look into organic farming.

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